The Dysphasia Quebec Association Monteregie Region aims to favor a better knowledge of people with DLD (Developmental Language Disorder, Dysphasia) and to promote, at all levels, assistance services for these people and their surroundings.


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Providing adapted services

Provide services tailored to the needs of people living with DLD

  • By providing a memorable and personalized experience to all our members
  • By focusing on simple and effective communication adapted to their needs
  • By applying the highest standards of management and governance to give the maximum back to people living with DLD
  • By placing the collective good at the heart of all our decisions
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  • Interest in the cause, desire to change things.
  • Capitalize on experience.
  • Be visible and collaborate with people in the community.


  • By putting our members at the heart of our decisions.
  • Identify and understand their needs.
  • Assessment with the persons concerned.


  • Take the actions that will have the most impact.
  • Simplify communication.
  • Offer support.
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